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Toying with an alpha never felt so good.

Isabella is in trouble. Big trouble. She knows that opening her curtains and touching herself while her alpha watches from the woods is wrong, but she does it anyway. And she plans on doing it again. Every night, in fact, until her alpha teaches her otherwise.

Roman, alpha of the Silverclaw Pack, is tired of Isabella teasing him. Even more, he's tired of her disobeying his every command. And he knows exactly how to fix both problems. Devour every inch of her until she's begging for him at his feet.

Will Isabella succumb to Roman's advances? Or will she toy with him to the very end?

Read Submitting to the Alpha, an erotic werewolf romance, written by Emilia Rose.
*This is currently only a preview. You can read the whole book on Patreon or on Amazon.*

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