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"I never chose the life I had back then. Never asked for it but now all that I have, I have earned. Maybe not by the right means, but they are mine all the same. " His rough hands caressed my tear stained cheeks with such gentleness that it could easily fool me. It almost did. I wanted to scoot away but the ropes tying my hands to the bedpost, tugged at my skin harshly. There was no escape.

"But even if I get everything in the world, there will always be one thing missing."

He didn't have to complete the sentence for me to know the answer.

The darkness from her past had returned hand in hand with the taunting present. Rose was caged in the hands of the devil, and he was not ready to let go anytime sooner.

Sequel to the submission series. (Submit #2)

Triggers and smut present.

I do not own the background picture of this book's cover.

Book cover made by me.

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