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A fake relationship, a diabolical plan and a threat to the human race. The only thing that ties them together is an eighteen year old girl's choice, that could change the course of everything.


Every year five hundred children are abducted from planet Earth and taken to Pluto to serve as slaves to aliens who are far superior to the human species.

When a slave turns eighteen they are allowed to choose their fate for the rest of their lives. They are only given three choices; remain a slave, become a fighter or serve as a Plutonian's lover.

For the past eleven years, Aria has spent every second waiting for an opportunity to escape and when she's offered a dangerous but rewarding arrangement by a prominent Plutonian, she is quick to agree.

But when the lines between love and hatred blur, will Aria ever be able to escape or will her risky circumstances kill her first?

Editor's Picks 2021
*Winner of the Spotlight Awards*
*Highest rank so far:
#4 in Aliens
#1 in dystopian
#3 in romance (10/2/21)

Cover by @Greenteadragon

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