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[friends to lovers] After having her heart broken, the last thing Alexia expects is to befriend single dad Lucas, the hot neighbor carrying lots of baggage. He says they should be friends since they want different things from life. But as they spend more and more time together, will they be able to ignore their sizzling attraction?


Alexia Grey used to believe in soul mates and fairy tales, until her own prince charming broke her heart and self-confidence along with all the plans they had for their future.

Deciding to move to another city to start over and build a new life, she's ready to focus on herself and her new job.

What she's not ready for is to meet her new neighbor Lucas Hart, the single dad of the most adorable little boy. The nice guy with warm eyes, easy smiles, and a hot body that makes her mind go blank.

They want different things from life. He's warned her he's full of baggage. However, neither of them can keep their distance.

They say they should be friends, that friendship is simple.

But how can two people be friends when they are clearly so attracted to each other?

**NOTE: This is book one in the 'New Beginning Series' and can be read as a standalone.**

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