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Lucas Sebastian Elizalde, one of the richest and young billionaire of the country. He grew up in the limelight and was never shown nor explore the other side of life: poverty; that is until he met plain jane, Sara Reyes.

Sara Reyes, a very hardworking and simple girl. She is helping her family in paying their debts that accumulated when her grandma suddenly died. She works all days of the week and almost did a lot of work even man's work. Her life turns 180 degrees upon meeting Lucas. He is the heaven's answer to all of her prayers.

Their whirlwind romance was so fast that it makes people from both their sides opposed, as they both struggle to fight for their love, a bomb that was set from the first time they met finally explode and successfully ruin their marriage.

5 years later: the two cross-paths again.

How can they co-exist and leave the past behind?

How will Lucas cope with the truth?

Will Sara let him in again?

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