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[BOOK ONE] [Completed]
[Voted #1 Best Action Story in the 2019 Fiction Awards]

Liam Luciano is one of the most feared men in all the world. At the young age of 18, he inherited the family name. 10 years later, the Luciano name is well known for its roll in the Mafia; along with two other families: The Costello's and The Corinelli's.

But when a 21 year old is put on all three of the families radar, Luciano steps in the way, doing something he had never done before.

Protect her.

Through their own series of trials and tribulations, they learn how to love and how to trust.

But most importantly, they learn that blood does not define family.
© 2015 taintedkissesxo
* cover by thelucianoseries on instagram *

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