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Lucy McLean and TV chef Quinn Allen are closer than ever, but after a fire at the restaurant and possible insurance fraud, Quinn's manager wants Lucy gone.


Things are heating up for marketing maven, Lucy McLean and hot-as-hell TV chef, Quinn Allen. After a messy start during the filming of the Quinn's reality show, the couple find themselves closer than ever at the end of the summer, until a fire breaks out in Lucy's restaurant. She barely escapes with her life and all signs point to insurance fraud, but when she wakes up asking for Quinn, he is nowhere to be found. Frantic with worry, Quinn was arrested trying to get to her. News of his arrest spreads, and when his exes pile on in the media, his reputation is quickly turning to ash. Quinn's manager tells Lucy there's only one way to save his career: stay away from him. Can Lucy and Quinn's love survive a trial by fire, or will it go up in flames?

(Book two of the Local Flavour series)

[[word count: 100,000-150,000 words]]

Cover designed by Ren T

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