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"I'm fine," I state rather bluntly.

"You don't look fine."

"Then stop looking."

He chuckles, and damn does he. His voice is dessert for the ears, his face is candy for the eyes. If I wasn't so pissed off I might've swooned over him.

"How can I? When an angel is so close to me," He smirks.

I fully turn myself towards him this time.

"Were you there? That night?" I have to know before I think about him in the light any longer.

"No." He doesn't even hesitate, "But my father was,"

"If I may ask, what in the hell prompted him to take my brother from a car accident?"

He plasters on a tight-lipped grin, a small tick in his chin.

"That's the thing, Hermosa, that night was everything but an accident."
This is a small intercept from Beautifully Broken. If you decided to read it I hope you enjoy!

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